The First Blog

I have been searching for ways to store or keep a form of journal online for a long time. Tired of face-spaceing I have finally worked out how to use this site! The title of this blog, 'The Lost Reels' is the name of a short film I made, also I think it fits the nature of what I am going to use this blog for. I have just recently moved and have a chance now to look at all the things I have collected and made over the past 15 years, from what I consider my artistic life. So here is a stream of consciousness uploaded to the web, fragments and completed pieces of a life for all to see, or rather those who care to view.

Echoes of my creative life exist over this world wide web already, so here are a few links that I can remember.

I talk about my experiences with photography in the form of creating a relationship with the camera. One of my 'relationships' was with the Lomo LC-A, the main period of this was from 2001-2004.

A selection of the images can be found at


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