Full English Breakfast

Impressions, £2.80

Cafe 37, £4

Tastebuds, £3.80

Coffi House, £5

Upstairs at Cardiff Market, £4.20

Another photographic routine I undertook was to perform a documentation of, 'The Full English Breakfast'. This is a treat going to a cafe, finding a nice spot by myself and indulging in a cooked meal that will set me up for the day. Eggs, Bacon and Sausage form the core of this British institution, with sundries such as toast, beans, mushrooms and sometimes black pudding all washed down with a mug of milky tea. I had the idea for this project quite a few years ago, but having the technology of a camera phone made it easier for me to initiate. Living in Cardiff I would trek about the town finding the small in dependant cafes take my seat and enjoy what was put before me.

I am now collating all these pictures into a small book and giving myself some exercise to shed the extra pounds I put on.

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