Jonas Mekas

Sunday 19th October
Curzon Soho

This was the first cinema nation event, Marie Menken's, 'Notebook' and the Jonas Mekas film, 'Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania' were screened. As I have mentioned before Jonas is one of my main influences in film making, it was a great treat to see his film projected on the big screen. He was at the screening and gave a talk about his work at the end. I saw him at the bar and with a copy of, 'The Lost Reels' in my bag I went over. I shook his hand and thanked him for being such an inspiration. He smiled. I gave him my film and said, 'here is a home movie I made, I would like for you to have this.' He said thank you and that he would watch it. His entourage was around him and in my politeness I shook his hand again and said my farewell. He smiled.

Walking away down Shaftsbury Avenue Leah and I discussed the films that we saw, new projects and things we would like to do. As we made our way to Embankment with the Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square behind us, a new light shone in front. Kicking the autumn leaves as the celebration fades.

Northumberland Avenue, October 2008

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