This was my first mobile phone I had when i was 16. Big, heavy and made my bum look big when I had it in my back pocket. No text messages, no camera and only one of my mates had one. I spent over £350 on my first phone bill, which was a lot considering I was only on £3.50 an hour! Phones have come a long way since then.

From 2003-2007 I had two camera phones a Nokia 7250i and a Nokia N70. These phones featured low quality digital cameras, being a fan of low-tech gadgets I was determined to explore the potential beauty of what these cameras could give. I took literary thousands of photos and videos , I found great convenience of having a camera with me all of the time, finding photographic routines I became obsessed.

I am currently collating all of this work, reflecting on my journey within this relationship.

I have moved on, my phone is for calls and texts.

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